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Tree Houses

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The Aspen Fairy Tree House is a magical Waldorf-style play setting, built to encourage curious and creative play. With four tiers, stairs and rope-ladder as the infrastructure, this tree house is ready for hours of imaginative play.

The Sequoia Fairy Tree House comes with all the bells and whistles (ahem, slides and swings) to make it a true invitation to play while still leaving so much room for the imagination. Sweet, safe stories and daring, bold adventures will come alive on this three-tiered wooden tree house.

Both models are made from poplar hardwood and coated with a food-safe beeswax / mineral oil finish, these magical tree house are built for hours and hours of play. The tiers allow for multiple set-ups, and the size is small enough for the tiniest peg dolls and large enough for small stuffed toys, animals and dolls.

What is included: Aspen

  • tree house itself
  • zigzag staircase (unattached)
  • rope ladder
  • macrame swing

What is included: Sequoia

  • tree house itself
  • zigzag staircase (unattached)
  • rounded meandering staircase (held in place with dowels; can be glued)
  • cotton hammock
  • rope ladder 
  • macrame swing
  • arched doorway (unattached, but can be glued)
  • pool (unattached)

Made From: Poplar wood

Age: 2 years+ (with adult supervision at all times) 


Aspen Model 11" long x 8" wide x 12.5" high

Sequoia Model 17" long x 11" wide x 14" high


All wooden products are fully sanded so that no little fingers get splinters and sealed with food-safe beeswax / mineral oil finish. Non-toxic acrylic paint is used on any painted parts.

Proudly Made in Ottawa, Canada