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Rainbow Rocker

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This climber can be used as both a rocker as well as a bridge to climb on and is suitable for one or two children to use at a time! The imaginative ways that it can be used are endless! Climb on top of it, flip it upside down and use it as a fort. You could even flip it on its side to become anything from a puppet theatre to a shop and everything else you can dream up!

Made of 3/4” Baltic birch plywood.

Dimensions: 47" length x 20.5" width 24.5" height


All wooden products are fully sanded so that no little fingers get splinters. The oil used is low VOC, organic, food grade and the paint is non-toxic acrylic with a water based polyurethane clear coat.

The clear coat is not like a typical polyurethane or lacquer finish.  It is not a hard clear coat that sits on top of the wood.  It seeps into the pours and seals the wood. It imparts a pleasant antique yellow to most items, while maintaining the natural feel of the wood. This finish does not provide full resistance to water or foods, but will provide some. It is non-toxic, organic, and food grade. For more information, click here to read more details from the manufacturer.

For cleanup, please use a VERY lightly damp cloth and no soap or cleansers.  

Proudly Made in Ottawa, Canada

**Due to insurance restrictions, this product can only be sold within Canada**