Curating a Collection: Behind the Scenes


For parents who want to support local businesses when shopping for kids toys, Puddles and Play eliminates the hassles that come with searching for the products and coordinating things like customizations, shipping and payment logistics.

Puddles and Play holds the highest standards when it comes to the quality of their toys and is on a mission to make the local toy buying experience an effortless one.



Product Selection Process

We have very strict requirements when it comes to the products we carry.

Each item must be: 

Made in Canada (preferably Ontario).

Hand-made by local independently owned businesses.

Made with non-toxic materials.

Approved by our Early Childhood Educator.

Designed with open-ended play options as the primary function.

Manufactured with sustainability in mind.

Made in an environmentally conscious way.

Designed and created by people who are paid ethically and provided safe work environments.