About Us

Welcome to Puddles & Play!

We are a family run business out of Ottawa, Canada and have a passion for discovering high-quality locally made toys!

Like all parents, we work hard to give our child the best that we can. We support our child's development by offering open-ended toys and opportunities for risky play.

Since our child was born, we've learned about many local artists and woodworkers who specialize in generational toys. We quickly saw how difficult it was to discover these businesses and the logistics for payment, shipping and customizations were sometimes a hassle.

With a background in customer service, logistics and e-commerce, it was a natural step to combine my passion and experience and start Puddles and Play!

We save you time by doing the research for you. We've designed an effortless shopping experience with the goal of making supporting local the easy choice to make.

We hope you enjoy our products in your family for generations to come as much as we have in ours!

-With Love, Puddles & Play

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