About Us


Welcome to Puddles & Play!

Welcome to Puddles & Play!

We are a family run business out of Ottawa, Canada and love sharing our favorite toys with you! It all started when our first child came into our life. Like all parents, we want the best for our kid. The cheaply-made toys weren't going to cut it and we just knew there had to be better options out there.

We started looking for high quality toys and discovered so many artists, manufacturers and creators! We have been so fortunate to build these connections and it gave us an idea! We thought that sharing these wonderful finds with you would be a great way to build our local economy! Before we knew it, we had a store!


Our Values

When we are looking for toys and activity centres, we look for items that promote open-ended play, a Montessori approach to learning, experiential sensory development and endless hours of F-U-N! We value quality above all else and offer products that will be in your family for generations to come.

We do our best to stay local when it comes to sourcing our products and always prioritize small businesses over big-box sellers. We have incredible artists and manufacturers right here at home and we believe they deserve to be in the spotlight!

Quality and location play a role in our pricing and honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way. We maintain modest margins and pass those savings on to you. In our family, we use the cost-per-use model when buying high-quality items and encourage you to do the same. Buying for quality will prevent you from buying the same kind of toy over and over again because our products last!

Every child deserves to play! We recognize that not all children have their health and we work everyday to keep this at the front of our minds. With every purchase you make, 10% is donated to our local Children's Hospital Foundation.

We hope you enjoy our toys and activity centres in your family for generations to come as much as we have in ours!


-With Love, Puddles & Play